Passports & Photos

My Collection

I have been collecting Marx Toys and anything related to Louis Marx for over 30 years. Early 2019 I had the opportunity to purchase some extremely rare items that belonged to Louis Marx. When I say rare I really mean rare, I think these passports are incredible. In this collection of Passports we have, seven belonged to Louis Marx ” The Toy King” . Just think about it for a minute, these passports has Louis Marx DNA all over them. I never had the privilege of meeting Mr. Marx in person so handling his passports and talking with Louis Marx Jr. several times is the next best thing. 

The earliest passport is dated December 6, 1934, this is the year that the. Glen Dale WV plant opened up, Louis Marx would have been 38 years old. The Erie plant opened in 1933.

Aged 38 years.


Aged 50 years.


Aged 58 years.


In the front of these passports is a place to fill out your name, address and also a place to fill out that reads: “In Case of Death or Accident Notify , Address. Well, take a look!  Mr. Marx put down President Eisenhower, Address: White House Wash. DC .

Is that not wild! President Eisenhower was in office January 20, 1953 – January 20, 1961.

Aged 62 years.


Aged 66 years.


Aged 75 years.  


Aged 81 years.


Also in this collection we have two passports for Idella, Louis Marx’ 2nd wife.